Legal coaching

The professional path creates from time to time passages both in a lawyer’s professional and private life that needs outside help, guidance. Professionals are necessary lonely in their decisions, either in private or professional ones, and recharging the batteries is easier with and outsider who understands the requirements of being a lawyer. This is a tough, one-on-one marketplace where the personal responsibility would never be absorbed by any law firm’s substance.

Coaching can help lawyers and law firms to get ahead of their rivals, strengthen their business case, develop market profiles and enhance their skills. Coaching’s substance varies with the coachee’s requirements as the professional carrier is divided by several different periods in a lawyer’s professional life. I work with individuals, groups and firms as well.

In the past eight years I worked with international and local law firms and lawyers on PR and business development issues. I mediated among partners, helped to develop new practices, created strategies, advised external and internal communications activities, identified business strategy fields to develop. I worked with big and small law firms as well.

It was an organic road to start with communication issues and end with dealing with both organizational and personal issues with my clients at law firms. In a person-to-person business, which is gist of the dealings of the legal market, it is always the people who build up the business case. Their conditons is the key to success. I am ready to help the betterment of the legal professionals and law firms.